Catharsis: A Journey into Yourself

But how is it helpful?

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Knowing Catharsis, In and Out

Catharsis is a concept of releasing emotions. The clogged emotions could be from past events (trauma), work-related stress, relationship abuse and more. When you don’t vent negative emotions, they become a part of your unconscious and resurface later in life.

A Short History of the Term

The term coined from the Greek language means ‘’Purification/Cleansing’’. Aristotle defined Catharsis as

Benefits of Catharsis

Repressed emotions occur when the brain tries to self-protect itself. The longer you hold on to it, the more severe it gets. The release of emotions (Catharsis) has a cleansing effect on the body and mind. Hence, it’s called the ‘’Purging process’’.

How to Handle Repression?

Imagine a day you had to keep low and hide under your desk? People go through enormous amounts of emotions per day, and our bodies change accordingly. Try venting and allow your body to be proactive by letting your conscious takeover.

How Suppressing Emotions Pulls you Down

The deliberate bottling up of emotions might feel safe for now but could get you in trouble in the long run. As children, we learned to let others know our emotions and feelings. But as we grew, we kept our feelings locked up.

Catharsis in Everyday Life

We experience Catharsis daily, more so during a closure. When a relationship ends, when you stop a song, when you forgive a friend and the list goes on.

Ways to Cope with Emotions

Amidst the stress, depression and mental trauma, releasing your powerful emotions can be daunting. Crying is the most common way to let go of tension and dull the pain. Cathartic crying is when you feel a rush of emotion at any point in time.



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